Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preparing For Another Adventure

I've been very absent from my blog for several months and i'm sorry about that.  During that time we have had many fabulous adventures.  A trip to Kyoto, dressing up like a Maiko-san, riding a subway train, visiting castles and shrines and many more.  Some of those adventures I would like to share with you in the future. 

Our biggest adventure has yet to come.  We found out that my husband would be getting transferred to a new job.  We will be leaving Japan and returning to the United States in the coming weeks.  I'm excited about the move but also very sad.  I've been working on purging, getting necessary documents together and medical appointments taken care of.  The logistics of moving across the world are not the same as moves we've done across town or to another state.  Very hard on the nerves.

I have 7 days of housework ahead of me and only 4 days until the movers come to pack up our household goods.  After everything is packed and gone cleaning of the home starts.  We'll be living with borrowed items for awhile and then right before our flight we'll move into a hotel for a few days.  Nothing like roughing it...without supplies.  :) 

All of this fun will be leading up to us flying back to the USA and

RVing across the US from one coast to the other!
What a grand adventure this is going to be!  (Or at least I hope it will be!)  I hope to take many many photos and plan to journal our trip.  And because I don't know how often I will have internet I bought a journal specifically for the trip.  I don't want to miss out on anything!

Why would we do this?  Haha because we are crazy!!!  :)  We have a RV that has been kept in storage while living overseas.  Our new home will be on the other side of the continent from where our RV is in storage.  We thought about having it shipped but then the logistics of setting all of that up... Well let's just say it is going to be cheaper to pick it up and travel with it ourselves.  Besides we like camping...  Well let's see if we still feel the same when we are done.  :)

We will
be on a bit of a time schedule so we won't get to dilly-dally as much as we would like to.  I do plan to make the trip educational but fun for the children.  We also get to visit family we haven't seen in ages.  This will be an awesome homeschooling experience!

Have any of you traveled in your RV?  
What kind of advice do you have for traveling long distance with children?  
My older two will entertain themselves with movies, drawing and books.  But my 3 yr old....  I think I might need to color my hair after all the stress of this trip!  ;)

I might make one more post right before we fly out.  Sort of a sayonara post to Japan.  If not look forward to posts about our trip.

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  1. Hi I've enjoyed reading your blogs. We too are a military family stationed abroad in Germany. We too are moving stateside in a few months, we think to the VA Langley area. I love blogging too and tried to add your button to my page, but it didn't work? I am not nearly as adapt at blogging as you, so maybe you could tell me what I might have messed up :) Looking forward to reading about your subsequent adventures and maybe meeting at a Co Op or park day.


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